About Us

Who We Are

Youniquely Yours Sweets & More is your one stop virtual bakery. We specialize in hand made products and bake products made from scratch.

Our aim is to take the guess work out of what to give or get. We make it easy with our array of unique and delicious products. We believe that visual sells and as a result every product that is crafted is carefully thought of.
We took into consideration time management. We understand that at times we all have a lot to deal with. With that into consideration, we decided to make products that caters to every occasion throughout the year. 
All of our products are done to order to ensure that once our customers are in receipt of the products they are at their freshest.
About The Owner
Trishon, owner of Youniquely Yours & More, grew up in Jamaica, West Indies. She started her love for baking and decorating while in high school. She was able to learn from one of the best pastry chef and was able to assist him in running his pastry business “fresh”out of high school. She knew she had to "step up to the plate" when she was left in charge to run the business on her own. She was able to get her products in well established businesses garnering long term relationships. Over the years she spent time perfecting recipes and build upon what she newly created.
Trishon believes if you have a passion for something and an entrepreneurial spirit, pursue it more. She is self motivated and seek to aim not just for the sky but beyond. She encourages others to do the same. Her goal is to inspire everyone to follow their dreams and know that if you believe, you can and will achieve. 
She is inspired by every one who has a story and turns it into a passion. She is inspired by the talented and creative pastry chef Amaury Guichon and Carlos, owner of Cake Boss.